Get the Look of CHANEL’s Fall/Winter 2023-24 Ready-to-Wear Show

Cover Photo Courtesy of Zoë Joubert

When we watch a fashion show of a great House like CHANEL, we have a lot to admire. We’re not only talking about the collection presented – even though it’s the star of the event indeed – as the décor, ambiance, and guests also get their share of admiration. However, the models showcasing the marvels come bearing with them a gift for all beauty lovers as well: an astonishing makeup look. And for those wondering how they can get themselves the one applied during the French House’s Fall/Winter 2023-24 Ready-to-Wear show, we’re here to tell you all about the backstage charm.

For your complexion, start by applying LES BEIGES TOUCHE DE TEINT with the brush PINCEAU TEINT 2 EN 1 – FLUIDE ET POUDRE N°101. Then, where needed, fix any imperfections with LE CORRECTEUR DE CHANEL using the brush PINCEAU DUO CORRECTEUR RÉTRACTABLE N°105. Next, move to your T zone and cheeks and apply the powder POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE. Now, with the brush PINCEAU FOND DE TEINT N°100, structure your face by applying LES BEIGES CRÈME BELLE MINE ENSOLEILLÉE on the bottom of your cheeks. As to their top, add a touch of freshness with JOUES CONTRASTE 72 ROSE INITIAL using the PINCEAU BLUSH N°110 brush.

Move to your brows and brush them with PINCEAU DUO SOURCILS N°207, fill them with fine stokes of STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF, and finish them off by giving their hair a deeper look using the GEL SOURCILS TRANSPARENT eyebrow gel.      

As for the eyes, get the PINCEAU DUO PAUPIÈRES RÉTRACTABLE N°200 brush to mix the 2 grey colors from the LES 4 OMBRES 334 MODERN GLAMOUR palette and apply them starting from the inner corner and moving out as you blend. Add a little touch as well to the center of your eyelid to boost the grey color. Continue by applying the STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF 88 NOIR INTENSE on the inside of your upper eyelid and the corner of your eye. Then, trace the edge of your bottom eyelid with LE CRAYON KHÔL 69 CLAIR. Finish off your eye look with multiple layers of the NOIR ALLURE 10 NOIR mascara on the upper lashes and on the top of the lashes.   

All you need is a few more final touches and you’ll be all set to go. Use the PINCEAU DUO LÈVRES N°300 brush to perfectly tint your lips with ROUGE COCO FLASH 54 BOY. Then, respectively apply to your nails a base of LA BASE CAMÉLIA, a base of the new LE VERNIS DE CHANEL 113 FAUSSAIRE, and one of LE GEL COAT to fix and add shine, then wrap it up by hydrating your hands with LA CRÈME MAIN.  

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