Get Stylishly Comfortable with These Timeless Flats

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If you’re a true fashionista, your experience must have taught you that style isn’t necessarily only achievable with high heels. In fact, at some point, we all learned this the hard way, when all you could thing about during the day are some flats to have mercy on your feet. And guess what? We’ve come to realize that comfort and the confidence that comes with it in every step we make will make all the difference in our look.

Well, imagine yourself wearing a suit with some feminine brogues or classic loafers – this would be your way to master the feminine-masculine look. What about pairing your mini skirt with a timeless ballerina and an oversized shirt that you tie on the waist instead of tucking it in? We couldn’t think of a fresher and girly-er form of style. Now the inspiration is endless and to master wearing flats, you must opt for timeless styles. Head to the Photo Gallery and check out our picks!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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