Get Brow-Ready for 2022

Since a new year requires a refreshed makeup look, and since brows play a big role in this matter, we’re infinitely thankful for having Benefit Cosmetics around. To tackle this task in particular, Benefit Cosmetics’ Regional Brow Artist Yara Ayoob breaks down 4 steps for us with Benefit’s brow bestsellers to amp our brows and get them 2022-ready.

First, keep in mind that it’s important to always start your brow routine with conditioning and treating. “Benefit BrowVo! Conditioning Primer” will make sure to nourish your brows with keratin and soy protein, help smooth the hairs on your brows and prime them for your next step. And guess what, you can also apply it alone!
Second, you should know that choosing the right brow shape is a major key to accomplish the perfect brow look. However, it’s an easy step when using Benefit’s signature brow mapping technique. End it by drawing short hair like strokes with a pencil like Benefit’s “Goof Proof Brow Pencil” to add density to the brow and define the shape you want to see. Now that you have the ideal shape filled in, you can see exactly which hairs from above and below need to be removed.
The third step is about strengthening. It’s time to add structure; create hair like strokes, with a pencil such as “Precisely, My Brow Pencil” starting at the front of your brow with subtle movements upward from its base toward your hairline, then redirecting those strokes out toward your temple as you move toward your arch and the end of the brow.
With the fourth step, you will lock your brows in place with a brow gel, which is a great product to help tame brows and add volume in areas where your brows need extra help. “Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel” is your magic wand in the form of a brow volumizing product that will offer you a quick fix and the look of real hair thanks to its formula full of tiny microfibers without worrying about your sparse areas, as it will stick to the skin and to the finest of hairs. And for a little extra dramatic effect, let the formula dry and repeat!
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