Georges Hobeika Couture Spring-Summer 2022 Collection

It’s a celebration of the wonderful impression of invincibility produced by the first kiss in an unforgettable moment that translates love into butterflies in your stomach. The bliss, ecstasy and calm that overwhelm your body, spirit and soul inspired the Maison, and the result is nothing less than radiant silhouettes that celebrate the rebirth of fauna and flora through a myriad of twirling feathers arranged in fringes or bouquets.

Adding charm to this collection and standing as a testament to the richness of Maison Georges Hobeika’s know-how are precious fabrics that were sometimes laser-cut, majestic capes and luminous embroideries blooming with sensuality. And as an ode to liberation, the color palette was equally dazzling, embracing lilac, beige, citronelle, pink strawberry, radiant yellow and matcha green and thus embodying newness and renewal to perfection.

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