Fun and Nature with Your Little Ones

Nature is where kids find their joy, away from the modern, digital world. It’s where they learn about things they might not find at home, and have the kind of fun that only the outdoors offer. To help your little angels make the most out of the time they spend in nature, you should have a checklist ready for them once they get out there, and here are some ideas!

-If your kids love to learn about animals, bugs belong to this category and believe it or not, they think they’re so cool! Give them a magnifying glass and let them observe what they find – maybe they’re lucky enough to see the one that lights up!

-Some kids just love to paint, and there’s a way to bring painting and nature together! Help them gather some pebbles of different sizes and shapes and have fun coloring them.

-Beach is also a part of nature, so if you happen to be there, there is no better way to make your time more fun than by gathering seashells and let them showcase them in their bedrooms.

-Girls love flowers, so why don’t you help your little one pick some and make them into a headband, a tiara, a necklace or a bracelet? In fact, nothing can make a little princess happier than a flower tiara!

-What about a hunt? No, we’re not talking about animals here! You can make a list of objects that can be found at your destination and help your little ones find them.

-A great way to let your kids enjoy nature is to bring it to them. After a day spent out there, go for some plant shopping and dedicate a day to get your kids to plant them.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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