Fun Activities for Your Little Ones’ Free Time

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Whether your kids are going to school or attending online classes, the fact that they have to study all day long makes their free time one that they look forward to in order to have fun and unwind. In fact, these little angels deserve to be treated for their school efforts, and nothing can beat a fun activity to fill their free hours and boost their energy.

So, let’s explore our creative side and come up with the activities that will keep them happy and excited about the next time.

-While the Gulf is witnessing a slightly cold weather during this season, get the coats out and head to an uncrowded place to take a walk and help your little ones get away from the screen for an hour or two.

-The zoo is also a great place to visit during your kids’ free time. This activity screams fun while helping them enrich their knowledge about animals.

-While a father can definitely take his son for a football or basketball game, you and your daughter can explore fashion in a fun way by playing dress up at home. This can entail a big organization party afterwards, but it’s ok, she definitely deserves it!

-If your kids are fans of crafts, this can be an activity that brings together all the family and makes for a great bonding time. Therefore, make sure to give your kids the chance to flaunt their creativity.

-Another way to fill your kids’ free time is by organizing a cooking contest. Divide yourselves in 2 groups and use the seasonal fruits and veggies to prepare dishes to share later on. This will not only feed their love for creating a mess in the kitchen, but will also help them learn about this season’s nature offerings and kitchen tools.

-For more interaction, a great way to spend free time is by counting a story through gestures. Yes, let them discover it through hand and body gestures – this can be really fun!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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