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From Padlocks to Tiffany Lock, a Story of Inspiration and Evolution

The padlock is more than a piece with history at Tiffany & Co; it actually holds a very special place to the point of becoming a part of the House’s identity. The story dates back to the late 1800s, when Tiffany used to offer its clients functioning padlocks. Retracing the history of this motif, let us take you through how this object became an inspiration for jewelry pieces.

In the 1870s, Tiffany & Co. started creating padlocks that were used to protect private information in books or secure dog collars. It didn’t take more than a decade for the brand to begin incorporating this design in jewelry creations. In fact, gold bracelets with padlock clasps were found in a 1881 Blue Book catalogue from the Tiffany Archives, as well as a padlock brooch that dates back to 1883.

In the 1990s, Tiffany & Co. revisited the padlock, in the shape of both functional items and jewelry inspired by the motif that has, by that time, become an icon in the history of the House. Debuted during that year was the “Heart and Key” pendant, which was a silver heart-shaped padlock featuring a gold keyhole and accompanied by a gold key.

However, the past 20 years witnessed the introduction of new takes on this motif through the Return to Tiffany® collection – which featured the familiar lock-inspired shapes, and the Tiffany HardWear jewelry that offers a contemporary version of the padlock.

With the new Tiffany Lock collection, Tiffany & Co. celebrates today this important symbol through a design that brings together form and function supplied by a closure that clicks in place like a real padlock.

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