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FRED's 2022 Novelties: A Celebration of Life, Style and Jewelry

Besides being one of our greatest passions as women, jewelry is a way to celebrate life, style and elegance. At least, that's what FRED has taught us so far and continues to do so in the most sparkling of ways. For 2022, the jewelry house has some new anecdotes to tell us through some of its iconic collections. With new styles coming to light, we take you through these stunning novelties in a ride filled with shine and beauty.

Force 10 XL bracelet
An iconic piece in the history of sportswear jewelry, the Force 10 bracelet is available now in an XL size exuding a sense of avowed masculinity that even women will want to embrace.
Force 10 Color Crush bracelet
As energetic as could be, the multicolored Force 10 buckle launched in 2020 is now paired with a multicolored tennis bracelet that takes its vibrant style to new levels.
Force 10 Precious Small
It's a light version of the iconic buckle revived in bracelets, necklaces, small rings and earrings that redefine femininity with a touch of diamonds in a simple, spontaneous style.
Chance Infinie XL Lucky Medal
With its oversized format graced by mother-of-pearl, onyx, malachite and carnelian, the subtly charming talisman presents women with a new way to dare believe in luck and seize it, just like it has always done.
Chance Infinie Crazy 8
Two new sets of high jewelry under this name join the Chance Infinie family. Their ultra-feminine pieces highlight the Maison's mastery through the element of changeability that it has always cherished and the pear-shaped diamond that adorns every piece - among other characteristics that lend these marvels a great beauty.
Pretty Woman Hardstone necklaces
For its first birthday, this collection and its heart within the heart signature continue to celebrate love in all its facets through six new necklaces adorned with vivid hardstones.
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