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FRED Necklaces with Pounding Hearts

At FRED, the Pretty Woman collection has always celebrated love, love for the creative process, for precious stones, for life and, of course, for women. And since the heart is one of the symbols that embody love, the House chose it once again to express this beautiful feeling and help us do so very elegantly. FRED implemented it with new amazing and versatile necklaces made with hardstones that joined this collection.

However, it’s not a regular heart as it’s full of surprises: it is available in two different sizes, it’s reversible offering two different colors – one white and the other black or green – and appears in two small versions on the pink gold chain. Still, that’s not all, as this special Pretty Woman heart also has a distinctive clip bearing two different faces, smooth pink gold on one side and pink gold studded with diamonds on the other side.

Stacked or no, these new necklaces will add the right amount of femininity, elegance, joie de vivre, boldness and freshness to your look simply, yet perfectly.

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