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FRED Boutique Finally in Dubai

Fred Samuel always had avant-gardist views on jewelry, which made us unable to ignore the passion, joie de vivre and sincerity he reflected through his profession, especially that he was audacious in his creativity and very generous. All these attracted clienteles from all over the world and from the Middle East in particular, which the designer had exceptional designs brought to it. In order to honor this special relation between them, Maison FRED is returning today to the region, thus opening the first FRED boutique in Dubai.

With the sunlight taken as a foundation for the boutique’s architecture, the overall ambiance takes us on a journey to a French-Riviera oasis in the heart of the desert where we experience nothing less than a warm feel of a family home. However, this isn’t new to us as this warmth, creativity and light have always been part of FRED’s marvels that are made to accompany us in life’s little and large moments.

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