Fly High at the Hermès Kite Festival

Cover Photo Courtesy of Michael Timothy

Hermès invites us to live a magical moment in the sky during which we are as light as a kite and as poetic as a Hermès scarf in flight with promises of the wind and an engulfing joy. Since they were created back in 1937 and Hermès silk scarves are objects of style that assert a signature look in a single gesture taking your style to new heights. And with the Kite Festival landing in Dubai, our style won’t be the only one up high. Taking place this year at Sunset Beach View from 10 to 12 February 2023, it will once again showcase the beauty of the House’s iconic silk scarves made from technical fabric so as to morph into kites and fly their designs in the sky.

Different scarves like “Plumets et Panaches,” “Robe légère,” and “Sur mon nuage” will be sailing through the air telling new tales while bandanas, losanges, and shawls turn into magical flying objects as well. Meanwhile, there will also be perches from which we can admire the spectacle, workshops where we can enjoy creating our own kite, and the sea in the distance to wrap things up in the most dazzling way.

However, the flight is just starting as it will continue around the world, landing as well in Argentina, China, and Korea for women’s and men’s silk collections to come together and dance among the clouds.

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