Fendi Celebrates its New Boutique at the Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall has welcomed yet another iconic brand into its lavish space and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves! Indeed, to celebrate the opening of the store, Fendi held a memorable event at the base of Burj Khalifa, accompanied by an exclusive dinner hosted by the House’s Chairman and CEO Serge Brunschwig alongside a special performance by the young Saudi singer/songwriter Rotana.

And so, all eyes were on the exceptional Fendi Peekaboo – think screens featuring special Peekaboo finishes and a collection of 10 Peekaboos from past collaborations with Zaha Hadid, Adele, Anna Dello Russo, Cara Delevingne, Sita Abellan, Fuyuko Matsui, Tanya Ling, Jolin Tsai, Yang Lan and Guo Jingjing. 

Guests were swept away in a deluge of iconic views, from the towering Burj Khalifa to the Dubai Fountains, and swayed to the rhythm of an intimate performance by Rotana, where she premiered her new song “Habiti”. The region’s coolest celebrities, artists, socialites and influencers graced the event with their presence, such as Mona Zaki, Jamila Awad, Carmen Bsaibes, Rym Saidi Breidy and husband Wissam Breidy.

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5 Destinations for Your Eid Holiday

Eid is approaching and you’re scratching your head to find the best destination to unwind and relax with your family after the Holy Month of Ramadan, and your best options are located in the Middle East – where hidden gems will make your stay even more enjoyable. Here’s a look at our top picks!

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Books We Love – The Night Before BAFTA

By Charles Finch

Photo Courtesy of Assouline

Rare are the women who don’t get swooned by the unique energy that spreads on the eve of the famed British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards. And if you agree, then we’re more than glad to tell you that this book would be the perfect addition to your collection.  In fact, we have all heard of the Pre-BAFTA Party and it’s time we find out what the backstory is!   

Entitled “The Night Before BAFTA”, this release by Charles Finch – son of British actor Peter Finch – invites you to go behind-the-scenes to the Pre-BAFTA party. How did it all start? Here’s how! In 1999, Finch returned to his British roots after 20 years abroad and celebrated this event with friends and fellow actors that offered him the support throughout his career. And soon, this private gathering morphed into a much anticipated star-studded event with celebrities joining the entrepreneur to celebrate this occasion with him.

It’s with a foreword by American actor and director John Malkovich and 200 illustrations that this edition captures Charles’ charismatic charm and creative skills, as well as the glamorous vibes taking over this night.


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Make It a Beautiful Ramadan Night with These Home Gifts

Cover Photo Courtesy of Versace

As the Holy Month of Ramadan kicks off, your calendar starts getting filled with Iftar invitations. Although it’s such a great joy to join family or friends for a wonderful meal, you can’t go empty-handed. With this in mind, offering them a gift would be a great way to show how much you appreciate their hospitality and care.

We know how hard choosing the perfect gift might be, especially if you’re not into personal gifts or if you’re not so close to the person who has invited you. So in this case, a little something for their beautiful home would be an ideal way to make this task a whole lot easier. You might choose a vase, a tray, a backgammon set, a table light, or anything that could find a place in their house to remind them of your taste, but one thing’s for sure, you should always make sure that your gift is top notch!

And if it was the first time you visit their home sweet home, ensure that the gift you choose for them goes with any décor style.

To help you achieve this task successfully, here’s our list of objects that would be a great way to thank them for having you over on this beautiful Ramadan night!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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10 Years of Saving the Children with Bvlgari

Discover Bvlgari’s Ramadan edit here.

This year was not only about the 20th anniversary of B.zero1 for Bvlgari, as the house is also celebrating 10 years of partnership with Save the Children. It all started in 2009, when Bvlgari commemorated its 125th anniversary by committing to a better future. With this in mind, the journey with Save the Children debuted to help over 1.5 million children make their dreams come true through the power of education. 

In fact, this is a joint anniversary, as Save the Children is also celebrating its 100th anniversary and to make the celebration even more special, Bvlgari unveiled – in addition to the New Give Hope campaign – a new pendant in sterling silver and onyx inspired by the iconic BVLGARI-BVLGARI collection. Reimagining one of the Maison’s most distinctive designs, a hard stone disk is encircled by the bold double logo and topped by a precious red ruby. On its back, it unveils the charity’s emblem, as well as its promising and hopeful message.

This new piece, which celebrates Bvlgari’s commitment to this cause and the message carried by this NGO, joins the custom-made jewelry collection that now counts three silver and black ceramic creations inspired by B.zero1’s design: a ring, a bracelet and a pendant. Are you wondering how you can make a difference? We’ll tell you all about it. By simply buying any piece of the Bvlgari Save the Children collection, 100$ of your purchase will go to the charity.

This is not all, as Bvlgari took over the Bvlgari Resort in Dubai on May 1st to celebrate the launch of its first local campaign for Save the Children. Shot by celebrity photographer Rankin who’s renowned for his creative fearlessness, the campaign stars a series of local celebrities, influencers and public figures, which include Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim, Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk, Saudi actress and singer Aseel Omran, Egyptian actress Tara Emad, Lebanese actress Aimée Sayah, Tunisian model Rym Saidi and her husband, Lebanese TV host Wissam Breidy, Lebanese-Iranian TV figure Diala Makki, Saudi writer Abdullah Jumah, British Entrepreneur Louise Nichol, Bahraini entrepreneur Dana Al Khalifa, Saudi designer Alanoud Badr and Saudi entrepreneur Marriam Mossalli.

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What About Some Warm Weather Fun with the Kids?

When the sun shines, we, as adults, are so happy and excited to go back to our summer activities, so just imagine how your kids will feel. They have been studying all year long and the least you can do for them is treat them to some outdoor fun. With temperatures rising, you have to let them enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets too hot. With this in mind, we have come up with a list of activities that will definitely make this season as enjoyable as it could be.

  • While the temperature is still bearable, the first activity that comes to mind is a hiking trip in nature, or a day spent in the desert. So don’t forget to prepare some snacks, just in case the kids get hungry!
  • The second idea would be to let your kids enjoy the outdoor space of your house. But before they do so, make sure they are wearing some old clothes because it can get really messy out there.
  • If your outdoor is big enough, bring some old sheets, ropes and wood batons and help your kid learn how to build a tent to which they can invite their friends.
  • Since the summer is not in full swing yet, you can always find some time where it’s a bit windy; so take this opportunity to take your kids to the beach and let them fly some kites. Believe us, this will definitely trigger their sense of exploration, so prepare yourself for some questions!
  • If you feel like your children like to cook, let them enjoy preparing some homemade ice cream, sorbets or popsicles with their favorite fruits. This will allow them to enjoy a healthy, refreshing snack.
  • Biking, roller-skating and playing football are always options that allow your children to have fun and enjoy the nice weather and the sun.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Bvlgari Joins Forces with The Luxury Hive

When it comes to a house rich in history and heritage like Bvlgari, jewelry enthusiasts are always looking for a way to know more and that’s exactly where The Luxury Hive comes in. To make this wish come true, this partnership will bring you tailored events and lectures about Bvlgari’s heritage and iconic creations in the Middle East.

In fact, The Luxury Hive will tell the story of the brand’s iconic style and creativity that goes back to more than 130 years. And that’s not all because the company will also promote and support Bvlgari’s buyback initiative to re-acquire or borrow pieces in the Middle East that were created before 1995. What’s the aim, you wonder? It’s definitely to be featured in endless exhibitions that will immerse us even more in this rich history, while highlighting significant moments for the Roman house.

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