Feminine Scents – 2020’s Latest Reveals

Cover Photo Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf

Although 2020 was far from being a conventional year, beauty brands have made sure to treat us with what could make anybody happy: fragrances. Regardless of our likes and dislikes in perfumes, none of us can underestimate the wonderful effect a beautiful scent can leave us with and we’ve come to experience this feeling during all the COVID-19 lockdowns we’ve went through. At least, I personally did! Although staying at home all the time can make us feel down, I’ve certainly come to realize that dressing up can make one feel so much better and needless to say, my fragrance was a part of the deal.  

Whether you’re still trying to get over the pandemic’s effect and face the new normal or just treating yourself with a new perfume for the fun of it, we’ve gathered our favorite fragrances that were launched this year to make the task easier on you and to bring you happiness in a bottle – or more, who knows?

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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