Feel the Love with Valentino

Isn’t it nice to spread love? I guess the answer here is obvious, especially when we do it à la Valentino. In order to celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s day, the House released the capsule collection VLoveTN. It offers both men and women new ready-to-wear designs for them to rock on a daily basis. What makes the pieces of this collection even more special is definitely the iconic VLTN logo which was given a few touches of love to match the theme. That’s not all, as a romantic packaging seals the deal for all of you love spreaders out there!   

VLoveTN outwear
VLoveTN charm
VLoveTN waist bag
VLoveTN shirt
VLoveTN coin purse
VLoveTN sneakers
VLoveTN t-shirt
VLoveTN mini bag
VLoveTN sweatshirt
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