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Fall-Winter 2023 with Boucheron and Plume de Paon Novelties

Like many of Boucheron’s collections, Plume de Paon is the fruit of Frédéric Boucheron’s fascination with nature and its beauty. Through his journey of portraying Mother Nature in its every detail, the founder transformed the peacock feather into jewels in the 1860s and overcame the challenges that their lightness imposed. After a century and a half of succeeding at being loyal to this feather’s movement, curves, volume and finesse, this collection is reinvented through new, fascinating pieces that render this motif simply truer than life.

By using titanium, which is three times lighter than gold, and the “openworking” technique consisting of removing metal from beneath the stones, not only did the feather become lighter than ever but also greatly increased the sparkle of its diamonds and colored stones. And in order to make these novelties truer than they have ever been, they were adorned with stones set according to a gradation of colors so delicate that it mirrors those of a real peacock feather, while anodization – a surface oxidation process that both protects and tints titanium – made these marvels even more loyal to their source of inspiration. Known to be as free as air by nature, this lightness was also transferred to these new jewelry pieces through a special articulation system that makes their movement just as supple.

In addition to these colorful ‘Plume de Paon’ novelties, Boucheron also expands its diamond and white gold collection with a bracelet, a ring, a brooch, earrings and a necklace that are in line with today’s styles. This selection presents new ways to wear iconic pieces such as the Question Mark necklace that was reinterpreted for a choker, or an ear adornment offered in a new asymmetrical look.

In a campaign entitled “Spread Your Wings”, Boucheron presents the ‘Plume de Paon’ novelties through two of its spokesmodels – Alexa Chung and Hannah Quinlivan. With extreme lightness, their airy movements are accompanied by the new marvels, which will be available from August 31 to October 28, 2023 on the website, social media and the Boucheron newsletter.

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