Fall, Style and Sweats…

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Are you ready for fall? We bet there is something missing in your fashionable wardrobe and we’re gonna open your eyes to this wonderful truth! When it comes to getting your closet ready for fall, the latter would never be considered complete without fashion marvels called “sweatshirts”. These beauties have actually been wardrobe-essentials for so long and the creative ways to style them are endless.

Let’s picture you pairing your classic pants with a sweat and a pair of brogues – an androgynous look in every sense of the word. On a more feminine note, pair your sweatshirt with a midi skirt and a pair of stilettos – talk about statement! Going for a shopping spree? Wear it with a pair of jeans and stylish chunky sneaks for a laid-back and comfy look. Shorts also work with this staple, not to mention a pair of sweatpants that perfectly go with it for an ideal loungewear look.

Need we say more to get you to invest in these versatile pieces? We don’t think so! Now let’s take a look at the ones we picked for you.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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