Express Your Love with a Book from Assouline

From fashion to jewelry, lifestyle, sports, and everything in between, Assouline offers us a wide variety of books that caters to our different needs. With everyone and every taste in mind, it comes just before Valentine’s Day with a selection of releases to remind us of how great of a gift a book can be. So, if you’re looking for a distinguished way that can take a personal turn to pamper yourself, a dear friend, or your partner, we’re here to help you make the right decision.

Check a few of the books we gathered for you, and get a much-needed dose of inspiration!

Boghossian: Expertise, Craftmanship, Innovation
With more than 150 years of creativity and gemological expertise, the Boghossian story is a journey of exceptional gemstones and a flair for craftsmanship along with a wealth of artistic and cultural inspirations.
Arturo Fuente: Since 1912
Richly illustrated with exclusive photography by Ian Spanier, this interesting release is penned by author and cigar doyen Aaron Sigmond. Celebrate the accomplishments of the past three generations of the Fuente family and their cigars as you turn its pages for more.
Valentino Rosso
This book speaks for itself. It will easily take your breath away as you explore the Italian house’s relationship with the color red.  
Jewelry Guide: The Ultimate Compendium
French author and editor Fabienne Reybaud walks readers through all facets of jewelry while highlighting the world’s most mythical stones and magnificent pieces. A great choice for jewelry enthusiasts, don’t you think?
Paris Saint-Germain: Closer to the Stars
For six years, photographer Julien Scussel has had unprecedented access to the Parisian team and its players, and now you can too!
Lalanne: a world of poetry
François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne are one of the most creative couples of the last century, celebrated for their surrealist sculptural works. Explore some of their most iconic pieces through this amazing release from the Assouline Ultimate collection.
The Impossible Collection of Watches
Discover the 100 breakthrough timepieces developed since the advent of the twentieth century that British historian and journalist Nicholas Foulkes has selected.
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