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Explore New Territories with Boucheron’s Quatre Jewels

Since 2004 and the Quatre line has been taking our breath away with its beautiful pieces. Contemporary, timeless and genderless, Boucheron keeps reinventing its sculptural and urban look, thus providing us with more marvels to admire. This season is definitely not different, as the House is advancing us new creations to enter Spring 2021 with more style and gleam than ever.

This addition includes genderless clips, a first in the Quatre Classique. Variating between a small one, a medium and a white design, these novelties were accompanied with a new bracelet and an XS pendant. By releasing different pieces, Boucheron is inviting us to mix, match, stack and play with them, daring to try all kinds of styles. With some diamond touches here and there, shine the brightest with Boucheron’s astonishing Quatre jewels!

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