UAE's 50s

Explore Gucci’s New Store at Burj Al Arab

In parallel with the start of Expo Dubai 2020 as well as the UAE’s 50th National Day, Gucci is also leaving its mark in the region with the opening of a first of its kind temporary store. Located in Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai and in front of the newly opened SAL Restaurant, at a height of 142 meters, it allows you to enjoy spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf as you indulge in the most exquisite shopping experience.

Even though it will only remain open until 28 February 2022, Gucci will make the best out of this season with different thematic set-ups. Between ready-to-wear marvels for both men and women, handbags, shoes, small leather goods, sunglasses, and other kinds of accessories, in addition to the recently launched Gucci Lifestyle, Gucci Décor and Gucci 100 collections, we’ll get to experience the House’s creativity in its different forms. 

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