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Explore Couture Differently with Dior’s “Dearest Dior” Collection

With a new interpretation of the subtlety of lace, Victoire de Castellane continues to write Dior’s jewelry lexicon by applying the principles of haute couture and celebrating the House’s patrimony in a profusion of stones and diamonds. The Dearest Dior High Jewelry collection, composed of 77 extraordinary creations, honors in turn the heritage of Christian Dior and the virtuosity of the Maison’s savoir-faire as it reflects a multi-faceted femininity that is both fragile and powerful, timeless and infinitely modern. While each marvel can be worn as close to the skin as possible, it takes its finesse and lightness from lace. From stitched diamonds to scattered flowers, tassels, plant designs – in homage to the founding couturier’s unconditional passion for nature – sequins, and everything in between, the most interesting dialogue is perpetuated between jewelry and couture.

Simply, Dior built a new road connecting tradition and innovation through earrings that boldly play with asymmetry, necklaces that become ultra-contemporary chokers, and a ruby-set pendant that is transformed into a brooch – to name a few.

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