Explore a Whole New World through Bazaza’s Latest Collection

Before indulging in the collection’s pieces and their amazingness, we can’t but tell you a bit more about the wonderful world from which this collection was actually born. “Under My Bed”, as its names indicates, comes from every moment of imagination and freedom one finds at the end of the day far away from everyone, when we let our inspiration come to life and when ideas are truly ours. All you have to do is close your eyes and explore your ideas so you can own them, share them and voice them.

As for the collection’s wonders, Bazaza’s signature styles and techniques of color blocking, geometric cuts and lace collage will easily swoon you especially that they are rather abundant in this collection. From the variety of fabrics – like chiffon, tweed and tulle – to the highly rich color palette, 30 looks summed up the mood of a mythical attitude where brightness and darkness merge under a bed.

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