Everything You Need… For the Perfect Casual Smokey Eyes

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Among all the makeup trends seen in the beauty world, smokey eyes are definitely here to stay and many, many years have proved just that. Worrying about mastering this trend that could be as casual for an ordinary day as it can be glamorous for a night out or a special occasion? You don’t need to! Let’s start with the easier version and guide you step by step on how to master it.

  • Some like to start with the eyes before applying their face’s base and some the opposite, so you do you and move on to the next step!
  • Apply a concealer that holds the makeup in place under your eyes, as well as on your upper lids. We’re loving Huda Beauty’s new #Fauxfilter Concealer for its effortless, airbrushed feel.
  • Next, your brows! Before applying any eyeshadows, you must fill in your brows to enhance your look and Benefit CosmeticsPrecisely, My Brow pencil is the easiest to achieve this task and the one with the most natural finish. Then, set them with a brow mascara such as Dior’s Diorshow On Set Brow for extra volume and hold while remaining on the natural side.
  • Now, move to choosing the perfect eyeshadow palette. A day look calls for a light one with a subtle touch of shimmer and Charlotte Tilbury’s Easy Eye Palette can be a great choice thanks to its selection of matte and slightly shimmery nude shades.
  • Start off by blending the matte, mid-tone neutral shade all over your eyelid. This will be the base of your look.
  • On the outer corner of your eye, apply the matte, dark-tone shadow starting at your lash line and blending upward and outward.
  • Using a pencil eyeliner such as M.A.C CosmeticsPowerpoint Eye Pencil, draw a dark line along your top and bottom lash lines – no need for it to be perfect! Then, blend it with a pencil brush to create that wonderful smokey effect.
  • Want to brighten things up a bit to match your bubbly personality? Go back to your eyeshadow palette to pick the glittery eyeshadow that matches the shades you’ve used in the earlier steps, and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Finish off with a little mascara, and for this look, we absolutely can’t deny the wonderful volume, length, curl, and definition that CHANEL’s NOIR ALLURE mascara provides.

Now that your eyes are ready, finish off your face and go rock your own world!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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