Everything Is One Click Away During Quarantine

I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but lockdown has been growing on me; don’t kill me just yet, as I know it’s not the best thing we can wish for, but our favorite Houses definitely made it more pleasant and bearable. I’m not only talking about the contributions to fight the virus, but the online shopping, food services, and many other delivery options available to us.
Here are a few of the online services that are making these trying times much easier on all of us.

Article Written by Gabrielle El Kosseifi


If you’re seeking to learn new information about precious stones, diamonds to be specific, you’ll be glad to check what Tiffany & Co. had to say about it! It will definitely answer all your questions about the 4Cs.


And since we’re all spending more time in the kitchen, Gucci shared with us a very delicious recipe, and many other amazing things through its podcast.

As for Louis Vuitton, it launched an e-commerce platform exclusive for the UAE, making not only these hard times better, but Ramadan even more beautiful as well!

Hermès didn’t want us to feel disconnected from the outside world, especially during Ramadan, with its concierge service which ensures safe delivery of the House’s beauties to our doorstep.

Tryano has always been one of our favorite stores! It is known for its continuous efforts to bridge the gap between their brands and their customers. So, this quarantine definitely wasn’t going to stop it – and of course all safety measures are taken when delivering your favorite items.

As a watch lover, you wouldn’t spend a day without a beauty wrapped on your wrist. And because of social distancing watchmaking houses can’t organize launches for their new marvels, but since Breitling always finds a way, it organized a webcast for us to enjoy some watch magic!

A special Ramadan requires an even more special Iftar, that’s why Bvlgari organized food deliveries especially for this dear occasion. And of course, the House didn’t forget about dessert!

Last but not least, when talking about online entertainment during this period, we can’t but mention Dior! The French House constantly stayed in touch with us; whether through its Beauty, Fashion or other departments, Dior was with us the whole time. It even opened a digital pop-up store! What more can we ask for?
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