Enjoy a Fashionable Summer the CHANEL Way

Cover Photo Courtesy of Oliver Hadlee Pearch

CHANEL announced its ambassador the talented singer Angèle as the face of its COCO BEACH 2021 collection who is the perfect reflection of the collection’s free, comfortable and hopeful spirit. First created in 2018 by Karl Lagerfeld, today Virginie Viard reinvented it to embody Gabrielle Chanel's favorite coastal resorts, her taste for the seaside, the sun and life in the open air. A true homage to a life lover!

It’s true that the line’s ready-to-wear marvels are only available at the seasonal Saint-Tropez boutique and the ephemeral boutique on Jeju Island in South Korea for now. However, starting mid-June, it will become at hand in every CHANEL boutique in the world.  

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