Embrace the Cold Season with a Ski Trip

February is the time where the cold weather gets colder and the mountains flaunt the beauty of their snowy white outfits – which means that ski season is finally here! Are you wondering which, not-so-mainstream, destination would be perfect for a memorable ski trip?

We know that St. Moritz, Courchevel and Gstaad remain classic options, but we should embrace change sometimes and search for new places to ski and enjoy the cold. So, here are some ideas!

Méribel, France

With more than 62,000 vertical meters of skiing distances for experts, beginners and families, Méribel is set to fill your trip with adventures. While untracked valleys will add freedom to your experience, your companions who don’t share your passion for skiing will enjoy other activities such as a visit to the spa or a tasteful meal at L’Ekrin, a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Lech, Austria

Princess Diana was its frequent visitor, and so is the Jordanian royal family, the Dutch royal family and Princess Caroline of Monaco. What’s so charming about it? Despite its international reputation and the luxurious living that takes over it, Lech remains true to its uniqueness as a farming village. Best suited for intermediate skiers, it has a big chance to become your new favorite ski destination.

Mount Etna, Sicily

Caution, this one is for the adventurous souls! Some might think that skiing on an active volcano billowing smoke from its central carter is a crazy idea, but thrill-seekers will definitely love it. With two resorts located there, you will have the experience of a lifetime!

Oukaïmeden, Morocco

Morocco is most probably one of the last places that come to mind when planning for a ski trip, but this will certainly surprise you. Located 80km away from Marrakesh, it is home for slopes that begin some 2,600m up in the Atlas Mountains. Two ski lifts, ski rental facilities and nearby hotels will ensure you a great experience.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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