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Earrings to Flaunt Your Pixie Cut

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The pixie cut is back and luckily for us, the world of jewelry is by our side to offer us a lot of choices to enhance the beauty of this trend. Every pixie cut is unique in its very own way and one of the greatest pieces to add to its charm is a nice pair of earrings that draws the attention to your hair while perfectly complementing its style.

Pixie cuts give women an empowered look – think of the courage it takes to have your hair cut this short! With this in mind, strong pieces are required to spice up your look. Other than the beauty of a choker with this haircut, earrings play an important role in this style game and many celebrities have proved it!

Whether you’re still encouraging yourself to cut your hair this short or already ventured into the pixie world, here are some tips and earring styles that will definitely be of use!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Now that your ears are on full display, explore earcuffs.
Versace Gorgon Claw asymmetrical earrings
If you’re into hoop earrings, choose the right ones according to your height.
Cartier Clash de Cartier earrings
Earrings with messages are quite a nice way to show off your style when your hair is very short.
Dior Toi & Moi earrings
If you’re lucky enough to have a long neck, do not hesitate to show it off as well with long dangling earrings.
Boucheron Serpent Bohème earrings
For a punk touch, stacking earrings is your way to express yourself.
Maria Tash Triple Invisible Diamond Linked Eternity earring
For a special occasion, let an eye-catching diamond stud do the talking. Sometimes, less is more!
Chopard Red Carpet 2019 high jewelry collection earrings
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