Dreamy Accessories to Go With Your Kaftan

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Kaftans speak for themselves, but sometimes, even the fanciest of modest pieces need a little something to tell a brighter story. In fact, this little story begins and ends with dreamy accessories to complete it. We’ve seen a lot of items reaching a turning point when matched with accessories, from shoes to bags, belts, scarves, headpieces, sunglasses or a thousand more options, but nothing looks as awesome and classy as a kaftan mixed and matched with flair and class.

With time, we’ve come to find that there are countless of ways to make your kaftan look more elegant and more fashion-forward. The trick here is to play with the movements of the pieces and the power of accessories. Add a belt to cinch the waist and lend yourself a more feminine silhouette, and throw on a pair of laid-back mules to seal the deal. For more fashionable effects, you can always wear a lovely turban or a big headpiece.

Now if you’re looking for some fabulous kaftans, here are some of our best choices

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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