Drama, Elegance and Rouge Dior for Halloween

“Halloween is the perfect occasion to express yourself, to escape and to celebrate. This year I felt that the elegance and thrill of movie classics are a great way to play with the concept of Halloween. Sit back and relax, if you dare…”, this is how Peter Philips described Dior’s take on Halloween this year, getting us in the mood for some thrilling beauty.

Unsettling scenes of shadow and light recalling American horror movies, a fatal heroine in a captivating makeup look and… wait for it… the iconic Rouge Dior in the spotlight; Halloween à la Dior is all about seduction and glamour. Fiery shades, well-defined lips, a velvety complexion heightened with Rouge Blush 999 and mesmerizing nails perfectly tainted in Dior Vernis 999 express the mystery and dangerous enigma of the Dior woman on this occasion. And for an added dose of audacity, intense eyelids that glow in the dark with 5 Couleur Couture palette’s 879 Rouge Trafalgar or 079 Black Bow make things all the while more suspenseful. And with a touch of the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Ultra-Black mascara, who would really dare?

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