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Discovering AJ Jewelry

They say art always fuels imagination and creativity and one of the best ways to make sure this is true is by discovering AJ Jewelry. Established in May 2015, Alanoud and Aljazi Althunayan’s brand reflects their passion for jewelry and finds inspiration in the traditional family values of gifting and passing down jewelry creations as a symbol of love and support. In fact, the two Saudi jewelry designers come from a family who finds pleasure in visiting galleries and museums around the world.

With this heritage in mind, the two designers add their modern flair to the marvels they bring to life, and therefore speak to a younger generation. We would never get over the charm of their first fine jewelry piece, the bar bracelet, which sold out immediately upon its initial launch, or their signature stacking bracelets available in rose, yellow or white gold micro-set with diamonds.

Another factor that makes AJ Jewelry so special is the fact that the pieces are designed in-house and made with high quality craftsmanship. And to bring these marvels directly to their customers, they opened a flagship showroom in Zara Continental Hotel in Al-Khobar this year.

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