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Discover the Rarest Diamonds at LV’s Dubai Mall Popup

Opening its doors until March 8, 2021, at the Salon Privé in its store at the Dubai Mall, the House of Louis Vuitton will be showcasing 2 rare diamonds – among other beautiful jewels – for the first time in the region. In collaboration with Lucara Diamond Corporation and the HB Company of Antwerp, these 2 precious stones made it to the House’s store. We’re talking about the “Sewelo” diamond, meaning a rare find, which is the second largest rough diamond ever discovered. However, it is also special for its intriguing characteristics of shape, color, formation and composition. As for the second diamond, it’s the “Sethunya”, meaning flower, which is distinguished by its purity, high luster and high color and reminds us of Louis Vuitton’s emblematic Monogram flower.    

These 2 diamonds aren’t the only beauties on display as the “Stellar Times” and the “Knights” high jewelry collections are also available for you to adore. 

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