Discover Les Girls Les Boys X YOOX Capsule Collection

In collaboration with Les Girls Les Boys, the lingerie and genderless streetwear brand based in London, YOOX released a new exclusive capsule collection. Created hand in hand with Serena Rees, Founder and Creative Director of Les Girls Les Boys, it is exactly what those who love an informal approach to fashion and a genderless style are looking for. It advances a wide selection of casual ready-to-wear marvels that can be mixed and matched to accompany us on our daily adventures. From sweatshirts to t-shirts, underwear and trousers, all pieces are available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL so everyone can wear them.

So, to all the boys and girls out there looking for some amazing pieces to add to their wardrobe, the Les Girls Les Boys X YOOX capsule collection will be available worldwide, exclusively on YOOX starting mid-October for you to enjoy.

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