Dior Reveals Its Men Fall 2023 Collection

For the Dior Men Fall 2023 Collection, the French House was inspired by the autumn in Giza where the sun sets behind the great pyramid causing light changes. Reflecting the same energy and vibes, Kim Jones, the Artistic Director of Dior Men, presented distinguished pieces as part of the continuum of past, present, and future at the House – with very much the future in mind. However, the story continues with nightfall, when the stars reveal themselves and things get more exciting especially since they symbolized a luck charm for Mr. Dior, something the House still holds dear. As we celebrate 75 years of his debut collection with this sparkling guide, we expected nothing less.

Now let’s dig deeper into the collection’s marvels. With the gradation of greys giving us a look at the desert through the rich color palette, daytime and nightfall were once again brought to life with mainly pops of orange and yellow reminiscent of a fiery sunset. Along came more dazzling details that also honor the past while hinting at the future, thus achieving extravagance with an easeful, pragmatic elegance.

Between the layered textures, outerwear, and accessories, movement, ease, and fluidity are proven to be key through many techniques like the purposeful technical jacquard transparencies that reveal rigorous underpinnings in tailoring and outerwear.

In short, comfort meets practicality and elegance in the most luxurious way and we will let you experience it yourself as you re-watch the show and discover the collection’s looks in the Photo Gallery.

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