Dior Lady Art Presents its Third Edition

The third edition of Dior Lady Art brings forth – for the very first time – the true creativity of women and only women. Indeed, eleven artists from around the world were invited to go all out, having been given total carte blanche from Dior. 

So basically, picture a melting pot of nationalities – from Colombia, Turkey, South Korea, China, United States, France and Japan, amongst others – all joining hands to channel their creativity and excellence towards one goal: Dior Lady Art. Each artist portrays her universe and imagination into the creations, putting her own touch on literally everything, from the fabrics to the materials, the colors, the protective charms and every single detail of the Dior icon.

The Lay Dior bag itself is a chef d’oeuvre conceived with pure creativity and savoir-faire, worthy of the House’s unfathomable mastery. Not only is it a beautiful mélange of unique materials and strong architectural lines, but it’s also living proof that Dior’s identity in all its glory will prevail.

The exceptional creations are available exclusively in Dior’s boutique at The Dubai Mall.


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