Darlana, The New Ultimate Style Hub

If you’re an avid online shopper just like we are, then have we got news for you! A new exclusive style destination has just taken over Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and it is fabulous. Meet Darlana, a unique line of couture evening dresses, gowns and abayas, available both in stores and online.

So what’s so special about Darlana, might you ask? Well think of it as a carefully curated edit of unique designs channeling the modern Middle Eastern woman and showcasing a contemporary take on classic fashion. Initially founded in 2012, the brand is a creative vision of Ghormallah Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi & Hanan Saad Abdulaziz, a couple sharing a passion for fashion and a desire to take traditional evening wear styles to another level in the GCC market. And so, celebrating originality and freedom of expression, the label is named after the couple’s daughter and unveils a series of gowns, dresses, abayas, and customized pieces.

“In a world of mass-production and fast moving fashion, we aim to create wardrobe pieces to last a lifetime - evening wear to embody the modern woman, traditional with a twist.  We bring a personal touch with our bespoke customization service, to celebrate all women’s individuality, by complimenting their personal style.” - Ghormallah Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi, Founder & CEO of DARLANA.

So get this, the business itself is led by Ghormallah and the creative studio directed by his wife Hanan. The result is a slew of wondrous designs – all of which meet the growing needs and demands of the region’s fashion forward clientele. Inspired by women empowerment and by the strong-minded Middle Eastern woman herself, the pieces are creatively drawn from the community’s distinct tastes and authenticity.

Get your hands on the amazing creations by either shopping through the brand’s 16 store locations in Saudi Arabia & the UAE or online at

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