COVID-Friendly Bag Makeover

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Amidst all that the world has been through in 2020, one thing’s for sure: COVID-19 has taught us hygiene precautions that we’ve never thought could become so crucial in our daily life. Wherever we go, the first thing we think of is staying safe and protecting our families no matter the price. We’ll be actually lying if we don’t admit that we’ve asked ourselves, so many times, whether life will go back to normal or not.

From wearing a mask to the importance of having an antibacterial hand gel on you all the time and all that come with them, planning for a bag makeover is one of our top priorities and this time, we’re helping you be on the top of your game. So, ladies, here are a few things you must have in your bag before going out.

1 – Masks:

No matter where you are in the world, going out without your mask is a dream that we wish could go back to being real. However, while we’re at it, why not top our medical masks with stylish ones? It’s always an option!

2 – An Extra Mask:

Here we’re not talking about the stylish mask through which you’re flaunting your fashionable taste, but rather about the medical one. If you’re planning to go out for more than 4 hours, it’s essential to take a minute in your car to replace the mask that you’re wearing with a new one for additional protection.

3 – Hand Gel:

No matter how small this bottle might be, but it can do wonders. Some brands like Guerlain even launched an even more magical beauty product that brings together hand care and hygiene!

4 – Hand Cream:

If you think that the hand gel you’re using is irritating your hands, keep a hand cream in your bag to use right after the hand gel when you feel that they started to get dry. Well, even in COVID crisis, taking care of our beauty is essential!

5 – A Pouch:

Yes, a pouch in which you place the mask that you’ve already used but still can. You certainly don’t want your bag to get infected with all the viruses your mask caught and that’s a new reason to enjoy shopping for cute, small pouches!

6 – Face Cream:

Masks can cause acne and dryness. So, in order to keep your complexion healthy for the zoom meetings that await you, using a face cream when you’re out for a long time is essential and can save you some big troubles.

7 – Lip Balm:

Your lips call for some care underneath that mask too. With this in mind, search for the perfect lip balm for them and apply it right before you put your mask on. Unless you’re going out for a coffee or a meal, it will last you a long time but it wouldn’t hurt having this tiny must-have in your bag just in case!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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