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Contemplate Exquisitely with Boucheron

There is something about contemplation that takes us on a journey to the clouds. Their movement, the fall of a raindrop, the sky in all gets us dreaming, and so is Boucheron’s latest high jewelry collection.

For “Contemplation”, Creative Director of Maison Boucheron Claire Choisne found inspiration in the beauty of the natural world. “For years, I have wanted to capture the ephemeral, to convey the poetry of present moments, the purity of the sky, light effects. The jeweler’s art is about stopping time in its tracks, making instants eternal when, by their very essence, they are not,” she explained.

Technology comes together with high jewelry expertise to form a collection of 67 pieces. Reinterpreting Boucheron’s codes, the result is nothing less than marvels that redefine finesse and help us reconnect with our senses.

Fentre Sur Ciel necklace
Goutte de Silence earrings
Caresse de Plume double ring
Nuage en Apesanteur necklace
Miroirs Infinis ring
Bleu Infini earrings
Goutte de Ciel necklace
En Passant necklace
Plume de Jour earrings
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