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Clash de Cartier’s Secret Lays in Its Clashes

Cartier revealed its new campaign with Clash de Cartier marvels as its stars. They balance between the past and the present, the timelessness and the versatility, the subtleness and the boldness, the rebellion and the refinement… All this opposing energy was presented with the beautiful British American actress Lily Collins, who became the face of the collection, mastering in turn the art of duality and encapsulating the complexity of modern women. Yet, these creations with their charming beads and studs are ready to enter both her and his jewelry boxes keeping everyone in mind.

Elegant and playful at the same time, each of the Clash de Cartier designs – whether a ring, a necklace, a bracelet or other – will add the needed amount of charm to your look especially if they were stacked and sparkling with diamonds.

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