Christofle Speaks to the Most Discerning of Collectors

Christofle made the dream of every shoe connoisseur come true by bringing their first-ever Sneaker Box exclusively to Level Shoes in the UAE. Designed by the Art Recherche Industrie agency and its Artistic Director Ramdane Touhami for Christofle, the Mirror Object Sneaker Box is silver-plated and features a green velvet lining and a convenient yet elevated lid. What makes it even more special is the fact that it can be personalized thanks to the engravable magnetic plate in the front.

In short, Christofle perfectly transformed what is usually seen as an everyday object into something precious and meaningful whilst paying homage to the cult status of sneakers. And since Level Shoes has always appreciated artistry and footwear, this makes it the perfect place to home such an extraordinary Sneaker Box. Available online and in-store, this timeless and elegant masterpiece is a must-have that every collector would appreciate and love to invest in.

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