CHANEL Re-Opens its Dubai Mall Boutique

It’s at the heart of the Dubai Mall that CHANEL has reopened its largest boutique in the UAE –a boutique that was first unveiled in 2009. Spanning over 715 square-meters, the new store features a two-story design and a ground floor dedicated to showcasing the latest CHANEL creations, Ready-to-Wear, bags, shoes and accessories, fragrances, as well as a selection of Fine Jewelry and Watches. 

But what does the new concept look like? Well first off, it was designed by New York-based architect Peter Marino, who’s been known for his uncanny ability to constantly translate and reinterpret the aesthetic codes of the House. With that in mind, the boutique is comprised of an interior mall façade featuring folded stone screens, and a beautiful display window introducing the latest collections. There are two main entrances introducing the spacious ground floor, where clients can step into the Accessories world, with a handbag display to the left and a modulable wall to the right – a wall that will continuously be transformed to feature the newest creations, immersing clients into new experiences with each visit.

Alongside the costume jewelry area, customers are welcomed into a display dedicated to Les Exclusifs de CHANEL fragrances, then into an expansive shoe area and later into a selection of CHANEL Watches & Fine Jewelry masterpieces. To top it all off, two Ready-to-Wear salons and three fitting rooms are decorated with specially-commissioned artworks by Shelter Serra, Martin Kline and Alastair Cook – yet another fabulous reminder of the House’s continuous relationship with Art.

The first floor unveils two beautiful VIP salons, decorated in CHANEL’s signature tones of light beige, burgundy and gold and offering clients the ultimate luxury experience.

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The Champs-Élysées Welcomes Dior’s New Boutique

Like magic, the most beautiful avenue in the world – the Champs-Élysées – witnesses a breath of fresh air thanks to Dior’s new boutique. Paying homage to L’Hôtel Particulier of Christian Dior that’s currently closed for radical renovation, a trompe-l’oeil show takes place to highlight the beauty of the façade on 30 Avenue Montaigne. In true Dior style, this entirely hand-made display redefines magic and showcases in the dreamiest of ways the house’s latest collections.

A selection of mesmerizing creations unfolds their beauty amidst a spectacular luminous dome, ribbon-like stairs and poetic embroidery that reflects the savoir-faire of the Dior ateliers. To this captivating setting, the French house adds masterpieces that embody the iconic Lady Dior bag as well as exclusive furniture pieces designed by contemporary artists.

Bringing together audacity, innovative experiences and architectural perfection, this new chapter by Dior invites you to indulge in its beauty.

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How to Dress Fashionably for the Office… When it’s Piping Hot

We all know a thing or two about the heatwave struggle, especially in the Gulf region – hello long summer! And it’s during that exact same season that we all just want to be dipping our toes into the “Lazy pool”. But when reality sets in, we’re all bound to think of better ways to make these super-hot days a lot less exhausting. Granted, it’s easier said than done, especially when you have to head to your 9-to-5 job every morning, but it’s completely doable!

The good thing about summer outfits is that they can brighten up your day with no effort – think pop colors, funky patterns and more revealing cuts. That said, how will you ever withstand the heat…..with style? Below, we’ve scoured a few tips and tricks to help you get through the warm season in sheer elegance.

  1. You hear summer, we hear colors. The sunny season is the perfect occasion to drench yourself in the fabulousness that is the summer color palette. So instead of going for dark tones, bask in the beauty of light colors and show off your sense of style by mixing and matching all kinds of prints, from stripes, to polka dots, floral patterns and so much more.
  2. Warmer weather doesn’t necessarily mean less clothes – at least not for the office, that is. What you need here is office-appropriate clothes that are light enough to get you through the hot weather but modest and stylish enough not to leave you with a dress-code warning.
  3. A printed sleeveless suit is all you need to show that you’re fashionably serious. You’ll equally look professional and stylish when donning one, and most importantly, you’ll be able to sustain the heat while doing so.
  4. Turn heads with a modest midi dress and make sure you don’t flaunt your cleavage. Your best bet here is to pick the dress that shows off your shoulders and doesn’t have a deep-V neckline.
  5. Sandals may not be your best option, but sling-back kitten heels are definitely the wisest ones!
  6. The midi-skirt is your best friend. Pair it with a logo tee, a blouse or any refreshing item and you’re golden!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Chic Day Dresses

When it’s so hot outside you don’t even want to leave home, then it’s maybe time to rethink your wardrobe. Sure, jeans are your go-to choice wherever, whenever, but have you given chic and flirty dresses some thought?

Sundresses are the best pieces to wear during the sunny weather, considering their versatility, their color variety and the fact that they don’t demand much effort. Couple them with a pair of sneakers, fancy mules or cool sandals and you’ve got yourself a fabulous outfit! To top it all off, the colorful-print craze has been playing in our favor this season and probably anything you can find has already been infused with prints and patterns. But if you’re not a print-kind-of-person, then solid-colored dresses are also a wardrobe mainstay and can go with pretty much anything. From the office to the mall, day to night, elegant and chic dresses are your go-to pieces this season.

Want to know what’s in store for you? We’ve scoured 10 gorgeous day dresses that will make you forget about your denim jeans.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Last-Minute Short Wedding Guest Dresses

Finding ourselves in a little fashionable rut, are we? Fear not, miladies. We’ve got just the solution for you…

We all know that weddings are not the easiest occasions to choose dresses for. First, you’d have to know the theme of the wedding, the location and well, the dress code. And of course, you can’t wear any shades of white, you can’t steal the bride’s thunder – because how dare you – and you can’t wear billowing gowns if it’s a casual wedding. Yes, the restrictions are endless but the styles you can pick from are even more so. That said, short dresses are the perfect companion to any wedding you have to attend, from the wedding of a family member to that of your close friend or that of a distant one. Luckily, we’ve seen a lot of beautiful short dresses lately, embellished with bouffant sleeves, nice patterns, luscious sequins or asymmetrical cuts.

The important thing here is to accessorize like you’ve never accessorized before – meaning, epic shoes, evening bag, jewelry and all that comes in-between. Check out what we’ve picked for you and choose your favorite!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Get the Eighties’ Look…à la Runway

Probably considered as one of the most recurring trends out there, 80s references are truly taking over our favorite runways – and rightfully so, might we add.

Some people might remember this trend as the “walk of shame” of all decades, while others simply love its eccentric signatures. Either way, it was a game-changing time in the history of fashion and looking back at its best features can’t do us any harm, can it now? We are all guilty of watching too many 80s movies, getting inspired by their costumes and shouting out Cyndi Lauper’s lyrics as we listen time and time again to “Girls just wanna have fun”. But do we really have what it takes – in terms of inspiration of course – to fully channel those funky looks? Luckily, the Spring-Summer 2019 runways did the decade justice, as many brands infused their collections with 80s references, from big and bold shoulders to 80s prom dresses with a lot of taffeta and ruffles, to spandex – yes indeed – oversized suits and cinched waists.

Of course, we’re not asking you to look like an 80s TV commercial, but looking for a bit of runway inspiration can do you wonders!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Fendi Pays Homage To Karl Lagerfeld with its Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Couture Show

If you love scrolling through your Instagram feed, odds are you were probably wondering why celebrities were posing in front of Ancient sites in Rome. Well, here it is: it’s at the heart of Ancient Rome that Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Couture show took place, where the world’s biggest celebrities and fashion connoisseurs gathered to celebrate the House’s special bond with Rome.

And so, the collection entitled “The Dawn of Romanity” was unveiled at the Colle Palatino in a fabulous event that kicked off at sunset with a private cocktail and unraveled at the Temple of Venus and Rome. The 54-look collection was dedicated to the years of tenure of the late Karl Lagerfeld at the Roman luxury House and was hence a concrete example of Fendi’s fine craftsmanship and limitless creativity. Show-goers reveled in an exceptional experience, watching models walk on an ancient path and assisting in an exclusive dinner with Silvia Venturini Fendi and Serge Brunschwig, Chairman and CEO of the FENDI Maison.

“Bringing our couture to Rome is the best way to celebrate Karl Lagerfeld, FENDI and its city, a unique opportunity to express our roots, bold creativity and the highest savoir faire, which have always been part of the House's DNA. The Palatino Hill is a magical place, perfectly representing the values of FENDI, its tradition and its history. I am also very proud of the restoration of the Temple of Venus and Rome, thus continuing to support cultural heritage, not only of Rome and Italy, but of the whole world," says Serge Brunschwig, Chairman and CEO of FENDI.

As celebrities and relevant personalities from Catherine-Zeta Jones to Zendaya, Chiara Ferragni and so many more gathered to celebrate yet another successful Fendi show, and the event was truly one to remember.

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