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Celebrating Art with These 9 Timepieces

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We can’t deny that watchmaking is an absolute art, but there are some dials that take this concept to a whole new level. Dials can tell a story or celebrate an iconic element in history, or even depict the beauty of a season through painting and gem-setting techniques that require an extremely high level of expertise – leaving us in awe of their charm.

Think of a dial that renders your wrist mesmerizing – such as Cartier’s Révélation d’une Panthère watch which forms the face of a panther through gold beads with every wrist movement. Bovet, on another note, decorated the dial of its Amadéo Fleurier watch with what could only be considered as the perfect setting for its tourbillon, while CHANEL framed the movement of Mademoiselle Privé Camélia Skeleton timepiece with a camellia flower set with sparkling diamonds.

These are only a few examples of what our list comprises. Check them out in the Photo Gallery and choose your favorite!


Mirella Haddad

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The Secret behind the Irresistible Charm of Pendant Watches

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Today, timepieces are an essential element in a woman’s overall look. That said, the concept of watches in the past was pretty different, as time used to be concealed in a jewelry-like piece in order to take her elegance to a whole new level. With this in mind, timepieces used to come in the shape of a bejeweled bracelet, brooch or pendant. And while wristwatches are all the rage now, we thought it would be interesting to reveal the secrets that make pendant watches so charming.

First of all, a pendant watch is so rare nowadays and that explains its importance as a collectable piece and makes it a worthy investment. On the aesthetic level, a pendant watch bears the charm of a vintage piece and the timelessness of a jewelry creation, which makes it one of the most perfect ways to complement a glamorous evening look. It’s also important to take into consideration the fact that pendant watches make time so secret and subtle, while offering great readability and that’s what makes a timepiece functional.

Although it has become rare to find with a very limited number of watchmaking houses including this style in their new repertoires, the pendant watch is and will remain a must-have statement piece, especially for collectors!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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“Cinemagia”, Bvlgari’s Latest High Jewelry Collection

Every year, Bvlgari revives the charm of glamour of high jewelry through a new collection of marvels that never fail to amaze us with their beauty, and this year was no exception. Handcrafted in Rome with love and passion, the “Cinemagia” collection is, as its name dictates, made for the silver screen.

For a jewelry house like Bvlgari, it’s only natural to be able to turn the impossible into possible – just like cinema turns an ordinary person into a star! It sees daring and never-seen-before color combinations, materials, gemstone cuts and craftsmanship that are brought together to make these masterpieces all the more dreamlike. This collection wondrously captures the magic that takes over the finest movies, taking us on a delightful journey filled with surprises. It invites us to dare to dream, welcoming us into a world bursting with unparalleled beauty.

Taking a look at Bvlgari’s support for cinema, this collection comes as no surprise. It’s all thanks to the Roman house’s ingenuity that these pieces morph into a wearable dream – transporting us in time and space to decades and places we never thought we could reimagine so intensely. From Audrey Hepburn to Anita Ekberg, Hollywood turned the spotlight back in the days on Bvlgari, which now pays tribute to this cinematographic love and passion through a stunning selection of exquisite jewels.

“Action!” necklace
Forever Liz necklace
Pirates Treasure necklace
Diamonds Dreams ring
Dreamy collar
Fairy Wings necklace
Gina ring
Sweet Bows earrings

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The Story behind Celebrities and Their Red Carpet Jewelry

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For celebrities, shining bright on the red carpet of any event is part of the glam. In fact, the overall look of a star is what makes headlines, as her red-carpet photos spread like wildfire minutes after the shots are taken. We’re not only talking about fashion in this case, but also about the sparklers that she chooses to pair her gown or outfit with. In fact, choosing the right jewelry look for a red-carpet appearance is quite the process.

Although it’s said that the prices of the jewelry worn by celebs at major events range between $200,000 and $1million, depending on the pieces, they actually don’t pay a penny for them. In fact, some of them get paid to wear the jewelry of a certain house, in order to promote the valuable pieces – which works like magic because social media accounts burst with hashtags and captions that highlight the star’s beauty and the glory of the jewels! Yes, times have changed and stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins who used to buy their own jewelry are pretty rare nowadays.

That’s not all, as some jewelry houses take the opportunity to showcase new exquisite jewelry pieces on the red carpet and this a very smart way to see their designs on an A-List celebrity, who is usually given the option to choose between approximately 6 sets of jewelry selected by her stylist. Once all the magic is done and her pictures have made it to every fashion luxury social media platform and so much more, these sparkling pieces, that every woman wishes she owned, are returned to the jewelry houses.

That said, the one risk that every jewelry house faces with the process of lending is that an earring or a bracelet may fall off the celebrity without her noticing, and might get lost in the crowd. But that is rare, and a risk worth taking!  


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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A New Story with Bvlgari’s Serpenti Viper Novelties

Check out Bvlgari’s Serpenti Viper novelties here.

Spring is the season of renewal and Bvlgari definitely knows a thing or two about this. So, the Italian high jewelry house unveils new Serpenti Viper marvels – adding charm and mystery to this iconic collection.

These novelties take snake scales, which constitute a cornerstone in the design and aesthetic of this line, to new levels through 3 bracelets crafted from 18-carat pink gold and colorful touches that recall the multi-colored skin of the snake. From the rich green of malachite to the fiery red of carnelian and the elegant black of onyx, you will get to explore its sources of inspiration that never cease to impress us.

Under the title of “Little Secrets of Seduction”, Bvlgari launches a new digital campaign that depicts the powerful and elegant personality of the Viper woman as it unfolds her irresistible charm. And for this campaign, the Roman jewelry house taps Nadine Nassib Njeim as 2019’s face of Serpenti Viper in the Middle East. The Lebanese actress embodies the spirit of the iconic collection through her outstanding beauty and her captivating charm.

In a series of short films, Bvlgari accompanies Nadine Njeim to different locations in order to capture the character of the Serpenti Viper woman. Her journey starts when she wakes up and turns off the alarm then starts preparing herself and wearing her jewelry as a true Bvlgari woman does. It continues with her passing through the hotel corridor, where she drops her necklace and a handsome man catches it and gets charmed by her elegance. As she sits in an Italian café and waits for her coffee, she realizes that her necklace has disappeared. Soon enough, the waiter comes and brings her the coffee along with the pendant. A bright smile illuminates her face when she discovers that the handsome man gave her back the pendant, predicting the start of a treasured love story. A true Bvlgari fairytale…

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New Gold Timepieces to Choose From

Cover Photo Courtesy of Bvlgari

Nothing beats a gold watch in adding that much-needed extra sparkle to your outfit. Of course, we’re not talking about complicated ones, but rather about those timepieces that tell the time in the most stylish – or classic – of ways. Depending on your choice, a gold time teller tells a lot about your personality and style, and most importantly about your sophistication and elegance!

Besides being a great material for jewelry, gold has made a major comeback to the watchmaking scene, taking over many houses’ offerings and bringing into our life a shine that we have been dreaming of for so long without feeling the need to opt for a vintage design. This year, the list did not only feature classic creations, but also trendy ones for those who would like to show off their bold character.

Think cuff watches and big timepieces that pack a statement. Think colorful dials and artistic ones that add some extra pizzazz to your look. It doesn’t matter which one you choose; just know that this timepiece is worth the investment and will definitely make for a great addition to your watch collection.


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Piaget, Tradition watch
Chopard, Happy Sport Oval watch
Van Cleef & Arpels, Sweet Alhambra watch
Bvlgari, Serpenti Seduttori watch
Audemars Piguet, Royal Oak Quartz watch
Cartier, Panthère de Cartier watch
Dior, Grand Soir Reine Des Abeilles watch
Unique Piece
Boucheron, Serpent Bohème watch
Piaget, Possession watch
CHANEL, Code Coco watch
Chopard, L'Heure du Diamant watch

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Celebrate Your Birthday with Exquisite Pearls This June

Cover Photo Courtesy of CHANEL

June is not a month like others because it’s your birthday! It’s also one of the two months to have 3 birthstones – which are pearls, alexandrite and moonstone. And since pearl is the most common one of them, it feels like the jewelry world is wishing you a happy year ahead with the options that are made available.

Why should you consider investing in a high jewelry piece set with pearls? Well, the first reason would be the timelessness of this gem. At the end of the day, pearls are rare yet so elegant and sophisticated that they can accompany you on all your special occasions.

However, there’s more than meets the eye with pearls. They are the only gemstones produced by a creature – which makes them special in their own right. And like any other gemstone, they have meanings. In fact, they are believed to offer protection to their wearer, attract luck and bring wealth. Well known for their calming effect, they also bring balance to your being. These little sea gems are symbols of the wearer’s loyalty, generosity and purity.

On this note, we would like to wish you a happy birthday with our selection of the best exquisite pearl jewelry pieces out there!

CHANEL, 1.5 1 Camélia. 5 Allures high jewelry collection, Contraste Blanc bracelet
Van Cleef & Arpels, Quatre Contes de Grimm high jewelry collection, Serapi long necklace
Piaget, Sunlight Escape high jewelry collection necklace
Chaumet, Josephine Aigrette Imperiale ring
Boghossian high jewelry necklace
Dior, Dior Dior Dior high jewelry collection, Dentelle Organza ring
Louis Vuitton, Conquêtes - Regalia high jewelry collection earrings
Boucheron, Nature Triomphante high jewelry collection, Nuage de Fleurs necklace
CHANEL, 1.5 1 Camélia. 5 Allures high jewelry collection, Perles Intemporelles earrings
Van Cleef & Arpels, Quatre Contes de Grimm high jewelry collection, Clair de lune long necklace
Piaget, Sunlight Escape high jewelry collection earrings
Chaumet, Chaumet Est Une Fête high jewelry collection, Valses d'Hiver brooch
Dior, Dior Dior Dior high jewelry collection, Dentelle Organza earrings

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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