Carry Style in Your Beach Bag

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Another summer, another beach bag… That’s what perfectly completes our look for a stylish day at the beach. Besides a swimsuit that shows how good you are at this fashion game, a large bag in which you can put all that you need for a day by the waters is quite essential. And by large, we mean one that can take in your towel, your beauty essentials and everything else that makes your beach day just perfect!

Not only are we limited by the size, but also by the style. In fact, we don’t want a bag that makes us look like we’re heading out for a day at the office, nor one that gives the impression of going to a classy brunch with our besties. The ideal beach bag is one that perfectly mixes between casual style, freshness and practicality. While you might think that this task could be the hardest, we make it easier on you by narrowing down your choices and bringing you our utmost favorites. Join us in the Photo Gallery to check them out!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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