Bvlgari and Daniella Rahme Meet in Azyaamode’s World

Direction: Patrick Sawaya
Editor-in-Chief: Josette Awwad
Stylist: Cedric Haddad
Makeup: Dior Beauty / Mohammed Ali Mustafa
Hair: Rony Chehwan / Tony El Mendelek
Location: SLS Hotel Dubai

She’s got poise, charm and talent just like the Bvlgari woman. Daniella Rahme is the Lebanese actress who paved her way to the top and caught the attention through some of the most successful Drama works in the Middle East. Therefore, it’s only natural for her to choose the Roman house’s jewels as her sparkling companions.

Before we accompany her on an elegant, shiny night with Bvlgari through a video by Azyaamode, we had the chance to interview her and dive deeper into her world!

How did you discover your love for TV appearances and what did your start help you achieve?

The artist always has since his childhood a certain desire or passion that leads him to explore the artistic field or take it as a career. I started discovering my passion at a young age. I used to take part in plays and artistic shows at school, carry a brush while playing roles in front of the mirror at home and imagine myself an actress on a stage, influenced by the movies that I used to watch in my childhood.

Regarding the question, my passion wasn’t about appearing on TV as this is not my goal, it’s rather about achieving what I dream of, which is playing different characters experiencing various psychological conditions and worlds that don’t resemble one another. The most beautiful thing about acting is this diversification and playing roles that don’t resemble me.

How do you see the drama industry in the Middle East?

It’s a world that evolves day by day. We are witnessing a big renaissance in the Arab world’s drama industry, direction and scripts. Even actors are now aware of the importance of the competition and the responsibility of reaching a large audience. Our steps in drama are steady, and things should remain this way in order to get rid of all our urges and present works fit not only for the talents that live and work here, but also for the Arab viewer who became pretty much updated on all types of drama around the world. 

This industry witnessed a remarkable evolution over the past few years, so what is your vision for it in the coming decade?

We are on the right path. I honestly feel happy when I hear about a new name join a work here and there, or about a young talent that stood out and became famous. This in fact contributes to the rise in the level of competitiveness, and we are in need for new persons and talents to add their value to the drama industry, not only in acting but also in direction and writing.

Which of your works constituted a turning point in your journey?

All my works offered me something. My strong debut was in “Tango”, followed by “Beirut City”. Then, “Al Kateb” series offered me additional experience and mastery, while “Al Awda” was a great risk taken and thankfully met by a huge success. “Awlad Adam” established me as a true actor and kind of defined my identity in this field, and finally, “Lel Maout” uncovered a new image of me. So, I can’t but credit every work for what it offered me in my evolutional journey as an actress.

From Awlad Adam” to “Al Awda”, “Tango” and “Lel Maout”, what series is closer to who Daniella Rahme is, and which one is your favorite?

None of the characters I played resembles me in any way and this is actually enjoyable. I undoubtedly have common traits with the characters I played, but to each a unique side. I feel nostalgic for Farah in “Tango”, and a special love for Reem in “Lel Maout” and Maya in “Awlad Adam”.

Starting your career with your participation in the second edition of Dancing with the Stars highlighted your unique energy and presence. Which side of your personality did your latest work “Lel Maout” bring up to your audience?

I think a lot before I act. My gut leads me to what I should do, whether professionally or personally. This is what I have very much in common with Reem in “Lel Maout”.

What’s next for Daniella Rahme?

We are still in the early stages of preparation for the second season of “Lel Maout” series and I am very excited about it. I am also reading more than one script, but it’s still too early to talk about them. My dreams are many and my ambition knows no limit. And despite what I reached thanks to the people’s love and support, I still see myself at the beginning of the road. I make every step with confidence and great care for what I have achieved so far.

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