Burberry through the Creative Expression of Daniel Lee

Burberry Creative Expression by Daniel Lee © Courtesy of Burberry_Tyrone Lebon

Fashion is all about creative expression and Burberry knows a thing or two about that. Since Daniel Lee took over the realm of the British fashion house in September 2022 as Chief Creative Officer, a new side of the brand’s style was explored – one worth highlighting in a series of visuals and short film that truly reflects the development of Burberry through time.

Captured by Tyrone Lebon in London’s Trafalgar Square and Albert Bridge, the film and visuals feature Musician John Glacier, Actor Jun Ji-hyun, Model and Musician Lennon Gallagher, Model Liberty Ross, Footballer Raheem Sterling, Musicians Shygirl and Skepta, as well as Actor Vanessa Redgrave.

While the film is accompanied by the original score of John Glacier, the images showcase the evolution of the Burberry logo and Equestrian Knight Design (EKD).

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