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BULGARI’s B.zero1, a World of Endless Creativity

Through the years, B.zero1 collection proved to be the true embodiment of BULGARI’s daring creative vision. While drawing inspiration from the beauty of the Roman empire and more specifically from its renowned amphitheater – the Colosseum, the collection counted a story of cultural richness in the most modern and audacious of ways.

In BULGARI’s universe, the B.zero1 collection is a world in its own right – unveiling pieces with groundbreaking aesthetics achieved through the use of unexpected materials. Gold is on the top of the list, revealing its shine through pieces that transcend ages and genders, while diamonds adorning the spiral of some of the creations add a sparkling touch of femininity and reflects the magnificence of the eternal city. Ceramic is yet another interesting material that casts its innovative flair on a selection of B.zero1 designs – whether in black or white color.

In terms of aesthetics, the collection saw a variety of designs true to the essence of BULGARI. Reimagining the B.zero1 icon in an unforeseen way is a series that stands out with a spiral featuring an openwork reinterpretation of the emblematic BULGARI logo that adds boldness to the pieces. Also adding its rock vibes to the collection is the B.zero1 Rock line, featuring a studded spiral and black ceramic inserts or diamond setting on the edges.

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