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Bulgari Reveals Its Marquetry Know-How at Dubai Watch Week

Using its expertise in marquetry, jewellery, artisanal crafts and horological complications, Bulgari celebrates the innate grandeur of the peacock at Dubai Watch Week 2023. The fruit of this combination of skills took the form of new interpretations of the Diva’s Dream Peacock timepiece, in a magical ode to this enchanting creature that has, since 2017, marked the brand’s never-ending saga of elegance and craftsmanship. As sublime as the peacock itself, the new timepieces radiate beauty and confidence – embracing the wrist with a multitude of arabesques and curves that are so-dearly cherished in Bulgari’s stylistic lexicon.

The Divas' Dream Peacock Feather Marquetry watch pays tribute to the luxurious plumage of the blue peacock through 12 spectacularly hued feathers blooming on its dial. Meticulously selected, the feathers are inlaid using a technique originating in Antiquity that, although requires simple tools, constitutes a meticulous process that takes several days to be achieved.

The Diva’s Dream Peacock Mother-of-Pearl Marquetry timepiece captures the silhouette of a peacock in gold and mother-of-pearl. While the bird’s fan-shaped feathers adorn the lower part of the dial, its tuft-adorned head and its beak in rose gold adorn its top, all on a delicate backdrop of white mother-of-pearl engraved with rays.

The exceptional Divas’ Dream Peacock Precious Marquetry Jumping Hours and Retrograde Minute watch comes to complete these novelties by blending horological and jewellery craftsmanship in the most spectacular of ways. Inspired by the cabochon cut that Bulgari is known for since the 1950s, a sapphire dome floats above the tail of this majestic creature, which is spread on the dial in an antique-inspired shape. Supplied with the BVL 262 Manufacture movement, it features a “jumping hours” function that appears in the aperture at twelve o’clock and a retrograde hand located at the upper part of the dial that indicates the minutes.
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