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Boucheron Explores the “Elsewhere” in a New High Jewelry Collection

Adding mystery and charm to the Maison’s journey in the world of high jewelry, Claire Choisne explores new creative territories. This time around, we travel with Boucheron to a place – or places, if we might say - that redefine “Ailleurs” – Elsewhere – through stunning and exquisite jewels. “Ailleurs” is not only the inspiration behind the collection, but also its title that takes us even before the very first glance at the pieces to places that only exist in our dreams.

“Ailleurs” is an exploration of contradictions, it’s where diamonds mingle with pebbles and burned wood, and gold meets rattan and meteorite. It’s five worlds that every jewelry enthusiast would like to explore and in which anyone can find a piece of themselves. Eager to explore them yourself? Join us below as we immerse you in the charm of this new high jewelry collection by Boucheron.

The Sand Woman and her dreamy desert that witnesses the stones meeting plants and precious materials coming together with natural rattan fiber.
The Leaf Woman and her lush, untouched rainforest vibrating to the beat of a dreamy nature through combinations of aluminum with an intense green color coming from a cataphoresis treatment, fine lines of diamonds embracing a stunning 37.97-carat green tourmaline, real butterfly wings framed by gold structures, and a marvelous palette of colored stones.
The Earth Woman and her solid, grounded character that celebrates the power of nature through a palette of ochre, brown and clay, as well as combinations of rosewood, titanium and openwork gold.
The Pebble Woman and her reflection of a fresh breeze coming from a lunar ocean, embodying slowness, silence and softness through white pebbles, gold and diamonds.
The Volcano Man who takes us into the depths of the earth to explore the magmatic power of an extreme world through the spiral structure of a shell, mother-of-pearl elements, white gold, burned wood and diamonds.
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