Books We Love – Living in Paradise: At Home in the Tropics: Bali, Java, Thailand

By Annie Kelly

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Some people are into fashion, some into art and some others into design – and this book is one that will certainly make the design lovers extremely happy. “Living in Paradise” is a visual journey through the most unique interiors in the tropics. From Bali to Java and Thailand, these houses that find their place in lush settings will undoubtedly inspire you to create your own haven.

Through stunning photographs by Tim Street-Porter, writer and designer Annie Kelly shows us a selection of styles ranging from environmentally sustainable, to breezy courtyard spaces and highlights what makes each of them so unique. While some of these houses are surrounded by tropical plants, others open onto sun-drenched beaches. This is not all, as this volume also sheds the light on the material used in the interiors – think cane and bamboo furniture, and pieces covered with exotic Indonesian fabrics. From the exterior, the pool pavilions and some decorative roof details will make these places “paradises” in their own right.

If you’re a design enthusiast, treat yourself to this book and let these breathtaking spaces inspire you!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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