Book Gifting – The Editions That Everybody Loves

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There are books that some love for their interest in the topics they tackle, and there are others that no one – without any exception – would not love to have. Books about travel, interior design and lifestyle are not only ones of interest to those who are big fans of them, but they are also considered a great addition to any book collection.

And if you come to think of it, who doesn’t like to travel? Or who is not looking for ways to know more about décor styles that have led interior design to become what it is now? Just looking at the images showcased in such editions is inspiring, and this makes them great gifting options for those who receive you for a dinner or a gathering during Eid. Did we get your attention now? Join us and take a look at the 10 books that we find ideal for a housewarming gift!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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