Blue Reigns Supreme in Dior Maison’s New Toile de Jouy Collection

Toile de Jouy has become much more than a theme in Dior’s world. Constantly reinvented by Maria Gracia Chiuri, it’s now a symbol of French savoir-faire and quintessential Dior style, adorning this time around with its wild presence the timeless Dior Maison line. With blue being at the heart of this new collection, the intense sketches come alive on a series of dinner, dessert and bread plates, as well as a platter, salad bowl, soup tureen and tea and coffee sets.

The choice of shade comes as no surprise as blue has been one of Christian Dior’s key colors, and the mastery put into creating each piece makes this collection more special than ever. Extra white Limoges porcelain is worked by hand – from the enameling to the meticulous painting applying the “leaf-decorating” process. Since your excitement is most probably too overwhelming to wait until you visit the boutique to discover these marvels, join us in the Photo Gallery to indulge in the beauty of some of this collection’s offerings! 

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