Bicep Bracelets, Welcome Back!

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Remember when we used to choose the boldest cuffs to accessorize our upper arm? Well, ladies, those times are back, and we should thank Spring-Summer 2022’s runways for this. After a long time away from the fashion scene, these arm candies make a strong comeback that none of us expected.

As bold as they can get, they made their spectacular appearance on runways around the world. Starting the journey from the Big Apple at Tory Burch’s show, they traveled with the fashion folk to Milan and graced the runways of Blumarine, Etro, Fendi and Prada to fill our life with the excitement of giving our style, come next summer, an audacious revamp.

And while winter didn’t even start yet for us to look forward to the coming hot season, we should look at the bright side of the story. This means that we have enough time to work out those arms and prep them to dazzle in such a jewelry piece while our skin gets sun-kissed at the beach. As we try to contain our excitement for this trend, let us give you a look at the runways that witnessed this wonderful comeback, each in its very own way!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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